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Note Taking Feedback: Wikimedia Technical Conference
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If you have suggestions or input as to how we can improve note-taking from previous years please provide your input here! We are flexible and always happy to make improvements.

For context, the etherpads from the Devsummit in January 2018 are at (and are copied onwiki for posterity, with links in the Program page)

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Rfarrand created this task.

It would be great if the notes could be further distilled into a blog post or readable discussion summary after the conference. @Sj and I had big plans to do some of this sum-up after the 2017 conference, but we ran out of steam after the conference ended. Perhaps a "writeathon" in the last hour of the conference where everyone participating could divvy up sessions and write up narratives which could be published daily/weekly/whatever on the WMF blog after the summit. (Important is to get at least the first draft done before the summit ends, or else it ends up getting postponed indefinitely and memories fade.)

Thanks for the idea, @cscott, we were thinking the same thing — to have a documentation hour or two toward the middle and end of the conference for folks to get things documented and notes published. :)

Is there anything left here?

Yes, for the overall goal of notetaking and wrapup (which in hindsight shouldve had a separate task, but eh). I need to followup with the session leaders for the pages that are still redlinked in and determine what help they need to finish cleaning and wikifying their notes. Once that is done, I'll close this.

Also we need to run our debriefs still, and having this task open until we complete those would be excellent.

It looks like all the notes have been added to and the Program Committee debrief was completed a week or two back. Ok to close, @Rfarrand ? :)

Sounds like we are good to close this! Thank you for all of the work here everyone! :)