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Temporarily disable deprecation warnings for code that accesses rev_text_id or the text table directly
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RevisionStore::getQueryInfo currently triggers a deprecation warning when called with the "text" flag while SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_OLD is not set. This was introduced to given an early warning about such code, before SCHEMA_COMPAT_WRITE_OLD gets removed (T183487).

However, that means that we have to fix all such code (T198341) before we can make SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_NEW the default on CI (T198561), because otherwise tests would fail due to the deprecation warning. This in turn would prevent us from making use of extra slots in product (T198308), which would block SDC deployment (T194750).

So instead, we disable the warnings temporarily, but block T183487: MCR schema migration stage 3: stop using legacy fields on re-enabling them (T200918), which we can do once T198341: Remove all references to the rev_text_id and ar_text_id fields is done.

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Change 450212 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daniel Kinzler; owner: Daniel Kinzler):
[mediawiki/core@master] Disable warning about direct text table access for now

Change 450212 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Disable warning about direct text table access for now

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