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Add email opt-in to donatewiki forms
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  • be able to turn on/off via a url parameter
  • pass opt_in and email parameter to payments


  • imitate current best banner behaviour
  • be able to test different versions via a url parameter
    • that could include different language, behaviour etc.
  • automatically trigger for certain countries

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Pcoombe created this task.Aug 20 2018, 8:26 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptAug 20 2018, 8:26 PM

Hey @Pcoombe, just wanted to say I agree totally with the assessment here. I always want the LP to mimic what the current best dsk_lg banner does, unless it becomes possible for us to A/B test the language on DonateWiki specifically.

If there's anything I can do to clarify or help QA, ping me!

Hi @CCogdill_WMF, the first version of this is ready.

Add optin=Default as a URL parameter e.g. to trigger the opt-in fields. It will use the translations from DonationInterface.

You can also create and edit variants e.g. Test1 and then trigger them with the same parameter: optin=Test1. The CSS styles are editable there too if you, Moska or Robin want to try anything different for them. You'll have to create different variants for each language for now.

If you don't add an optin parameter then it simply won't show. I can look into making it default for certain countries later.

Unfortunately we can't do what is in the current best banners where the fields only show after selecting a payment method. That would require rewriting a lot of the donatewiki code. I could try to have them only show after selecting an amount though.

Thank you for all your great work on this Peter! I would suggest that we edit the copy in French and use the following wording:

  • Oui, envoyez-moi des emails à l'occasion afin de me tenir informé des diverses manières de soutenir Wikipédia
  • Non, s'il-vous-plait pas d'emails, même s'ils sont rares.


Can Moska help to implement this? Thank you!

Adding @MNoorWMF. We discussed this yesterday.

Moska, can you update the French opt-in text on Donate Wiki? Thank you!

I dug around inside donatewiki for a couple of days but wasn't able to find where the DonationInterface translations were to be able to make the translation changes :(

Curious if @spatton or maybe @TSkaff might know where to direct me to change opt-in copy translations? If not, I'll ask Peter to show me next week.

CC @CCogdill_WMF @jrobell @Pcoombe

I tried to find it and failed. Will document for the banner team when I learn where it's located :)

I dug around inside donatewiki for a couple of days but wasn't able to find where the DonationInterface translations were to be able to make the translation changes

Maybe I misunderstand; in that case please ignore this comment:

uselang=qqx shows raw message keys.

"Global" translations take place on

For site-specific custom local overwriting:

@Aklapper 's explanation is spot on, thanks!

@CCogdill_WMF @MNoorWMF @jrobell : I've updated the french messages on translatewiki. The new messages should reach on tomorrow's (Tuesday's) deployment train, between 13:00 and 15:00 UTC. If that isn't soon enough and we want to test tomorrow, let me know and I can override the messages locally.

(And for anyone who hasn't seen it, we have a handy flowchart of how translation deployments to various fundraising places work)

Awesome, thank you, Peter!

Just confirming that the new translations are now live.

Pcoombe closed this task as Resolved.Sep 13 2018, 4:14 PM

Closing this as done. We didn't end up collecting email at this stage since that was dropped during banner tests.