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Ensure there are no hard-coded IPs in use for beta
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In preparation for the region migration of beta cluster, we need to ensure that there are no IP addresses for beta hard-coded anywhere in puppet and instead that we switch to using DNS lookups.

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A git grep for 10.68 yields a good amount of stuff related to beta-cluster.


191:    -  # deployment-memc04
192:    -  # deployment-memc05
197:        host:  # deployment-memc04
200:        host:  # deployment-memc05
245:"role::url_downloader::url_downloader_ip": # deployment-urldownloader02
329:        host: # deployment-redis06
332:        host: # deployment-redis06

There is stuff in network::constants as well.

Change 472507 had a related patch set uploaded (by 20after4; owner: 20after4):
[operations/puppet@production] Change static IPs to host names

Change 472507 merged by Andrew Bogott:
[operations/puppet@production] Change static IPs to host names

greg triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 27 2018, 9:08 PM
greg subscribed.

Are we good here?

All of the 10.* references in hieradata/labs/deployment-prep/common.yaml are gone now, but a few 172.16.* ones have crept in there as well as in the hiera data managed in Horizon. It turns out that there are at least a few Puppet modules (for example ::profile::mediawiki::nutcracker) that only work with IP addresses.

Yeah. There's some notes after relevant lines in about what got updated and where.

I guess this is resolved to the extent that it is possible to resolve it.