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[HiveToDruid] Add support for ingesting subfields of map columns
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It would be nice to be able to ingest subfields of Map type columns, like geocoded_data.
Also, the geocoded_data capsule field has another issue: it has an underscore and it messes up with the code that identifies fields vs subfields.

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I think this can be resolved with your latest changes, let me know otherwise.

Hm! good point...
I think part of it has been solved by the recent changes in T210099.
Namely there was a bug in accessing capsule fields that had underscores in them, like geocoded_data. This is solved.
However, there's still some additions needed:

To add a dimension on a subfield of a struct field you can do now:


And the code will "flatten" it to event_namespace_id (and do all this implies in the ingestion spec).
To do the same with a map field, you would do:


But the code is not yet able to flatten that syntax into geocoded_data_country.

So we should change that. However, I think it will be easier now.

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I'm going to find some time to work on this.

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