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Migrate primary Wikimedia video format from VP9 to AV1
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Note that this is dependent on suitable playback support being widespread. While on desktops, Chrome and Firefox are shipping AV1 now or in next versions, and Microsoft is previewing it for Edge, we don't yet know the situation for Safari. I've started adding AV1 decode to ogv.js, but it's slower than decoding VP9 so far so may require running lower resolutions (unless WebAssembly threading arrives soon on Safari).

For mobile, currently no phones have AV1 hardware support, though Android Chrome may get it in software. Eventually it's expected to be more widespread, at least as much as VP9 is today, but this is not something we can be too aggressive on.

It's hard to say when the right time is, but waiting for more widespread support is a good idea. Imagine we start transcoding now and when hardware implementations finally come around, nothing plays because their implementation is quirky.

Also, we should compare VP9 and AV1 ourselves. I trust few third party evalutations and those that I do trust are absolutely not Google, some university and Facebook.

And who am I to say that? Well, I've encoded movies with DivX 3.11. 'Nuff said.