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Compile list of gadgets across various projects that broke in timeless, and why
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This will help fix remaining ones that are broken, either gadget-side or timeless-, as well as better demonstrate what we need in general to avoid this in the future.

Probably want both gadgets that have since been fixed as well as ones still broken.

In particular: check enwp, commons, wikisource. All of these had things that broke, and demonstrate very different content types.

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Isarra created this task.Dec 7 2018, 12:23 AM

Potential case study for user scripts: User:Vermont/global.js on meta, which did this on responsive monobook:

Evad37 added a subscriber: Evad37.Dec 22 2018, 5:54 AM

Resolving T181362 fixed a whole lot of scripts/gadgets, which was due to mismatched ids, and the omission rather than hiding of empty portlets.

Another one that comes to mind is T191589: Ensure compatibility with the metadata gadget (which displays an article assessment not shown in Timeless) (was due to T193215: Tagline is missing in Timeless).

And there's also T181344: HotCat compatibility for Timeless skin .