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Communicate other translations were started for this topic when editing your translation
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As part of the work to allow multiple users to translate the same topic (T86151), we want to let the user know that other in-progress translations were started when the user is in the translation editor. This lets the user anticipate potential issues when (a) starting, (b) continuing or (c) trying to publish a translation.

The message will be shown using the issue communication system (T189488) with a summary text and an associated warning card.

The issue summary.
The issue summary will have a different message depending on whether one or more translations by other users exist (same warning text used in T214380 ):

  • If one translation exists: "Another in-progress translation was started by <username> <time-period> ago". The time-period will be expressed in days (if it is less than 60), or months since the translation was started.
  • When there are more than one in-progres version of the translation : "Other in-progress translations were started by <number> users".

The issue card
The issue card shows the following message:

Other in-progress translations were started for this topic

Other users already started translating this topic for the selected languages. Check them to avoid publishing conflicts.
[Learn more]

  • "Learn more" link will link to the corresponding page about this topic in the documentation.
  • "View existing translations" will open the list of in-progress translations (T214409)
  • "Mark as resolved" will discard the issue.
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Event Timeline

The main limitation for translating an article that someone else started was removed in T298244: Remove technical limit that prevents different users to translate the same topic. Now there is just a 24h block time for a topic someone else started. This seems to be providing a good balance between preventing to step on each others toes and avoiding articles to get blocked for long periods of time. With this, the current ticket may no longer be needed.