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Allow move files from Commons to Wikipedia
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(Splitted from T140462 which handles the the opposite direction)
Sometimes users who aren't familiar with copyright policies upload to commons files that doesn't fit to the project, but may be useful for other projects (example complex logos, US fair use images).
Those files should be deleted from commons, but sometimes it is desired to be able to move them to Wikipedia.
Technically it may be somwhat similar to FileExporter, but need a UI to specifiy the target project & language for which the files are exported to.

It would be way cool to also allow moving files in the opposite direction, from Commons to a specific Wikipedia. For files which are uploaded to Commons, used in articles, but later discovered to be improperly licensed (but okay under US fair use, or okay under a specific country's law), or simply for reverting erroneous moves in the other direction.

+1 for matmarex idea. I recently discussed about another useful usecase with @Geagea - (non simple) logos - which sometimes doesn't fit to commons, but can be used with fair use license in Wikipedia.

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eranroz renamed this task from Allow move files from Wikipedia to Commons to Allow move files from Commons to Wikipedia.Feb 6 2019, 7:18 AM
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I support this of course. My initial suggestion was:

As a matter a fact allow to move between wikis might be also good idea. If uploaded a logo it might be usefull also as a logo to othe wikis.

Anyway, the simple case to start with would be logos from Commons to wiki project. I beliave every project have Template:Logo.