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CX drafts purging process sends notifications about articles that were already deleted by the user
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I received a notification about the purging of the unpublished translation (T184268) of the article "מרים פרץ" from Hebrew. This shouldn't have happened because that translation wasn't anywhere on my dashboard. It was deleted back in 2016, most likely by myself using the dashboard.

Since it's already deleted by the user in the usual process, there is no reason to notify the user about it. It's just confusing.

I received similar questions from other users about it.

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I checked the script and it does not purge nor notify about drafts that have been marked as deleted:

$conds = [
        'translation_last_updated_timestamp < ' . $db->addQuotes( $db->timestamp( $cutoff ) ),
        'translation_status' => 'draft',
        'translation_target_url is NULL',

This strongly hints that the the drafts in questions were not actually marked as deleted, possibly due to some other bug or misunderstanding.

Pginer-WMF added a subscriber: Pginer-WMF.

Given the initial investigation by @Nikerabbit in T218027#5015156, I'm inclined to close the ticket. Feel free to reopen if there are new issues. Especially once the clean-up stage is over and we have the automatic system to notify and clean old drafts automatically.