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[betalabs-minor] Creating a new topic on Flow enabled pages produces mismatch between edit counts on Impact module and Special:Contributions
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The Homepage (Start and Impact module) displays the user edit count according to user table. e.g. creating a topic on Flow board will be counted as two events (a topic title and a post);
Special:Contributions page counts creating Flow topic as one edit.
If Special:Homepage will be enabled on wikis where Flow enabled, the below cases may become quite visible to a user.

  • In betalabs, go to Special:Impact/ET129 - the number of edits will be 1 ( user table shows the same number too).

(2) Special:Impact/ET32 shows 5 edits (confirmed by user table) Special:Contributions/ET32 shows only three.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a new topic on Flow-enabled page
  • check Special:Homepage and Special:Contributions pages - the count in Start (and Impact) module will be higher than on Special:Contributions page.

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JTannerWMF added subscribers: MMiller_WMF, JTannerWMF.

We need you to weigh in on what we do with this @MMiller_WMF

I think @kostajh or @SBisson mentioned this at some point. First, I'll say that this issue is not high priority because (a) newcomers will not encounter Flow very often, (b) it is not critical that the number shown by the impact module be exactly right, and (c) newcomers can always click through to see their full list of edits.

That said, I am interested to hear from the engineers about the ease of fixing this.

This will become more important when we are working in wikis with Flow help desks (like Arabic Wikipedia). See T212433 for work on Flow.