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Preferences for anonymous users
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As a casual visitor of MediaWiki wikis, I want to be able to customize the site, so that I can have a better experience interacting with it.

As an anonymous editor, I want to be able to enable advanced tools and gadgets, so that I can contribute more effectively to the wikis.

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Untested patch attached.

You seem to have forgotten it.

Also, I'm really curious to see how you're gonna implement this without fragmenting the Squid cache.

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Proposed patch

Needs XVO header.

attachment pref-cookie-patch ignored as obsolete

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Updated patch

Updated patch so it applies cleanly to current trunk.

Per discussion in #wikimedia-tech, using XVO would make this possible, but:

  • It would need to be restricted to a very small set of prefs to keep cache fragmentation (which increases exponentially with the number of allowed prefs) at bay
  • There is the fear that enabling even a very limited version of anonymous preferences will open the floodgates to using XVO for all kinds of random purposes


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sumanah wrote:

+need-review to signal to developers that this patch needs reviewing

I don't think this is a good idea, and operations is pretty radically opposed
to using this on Wikipedia. Closing WONTFIX.

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