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Save special page preferences from the special page itself
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Per Nikerabbit's comment at
It's unclear if it's feasible and if it can be done without cluttering the special pages too much or reducing flexibility (compare T13612: Maximum to "Days to show in watchlist" in preferences should equal $wgRCMaxAge comment 13).
Could be useful for T22151: Preferences for anonymous users (allowing only a subset of preferences)?

See Also:
T54807: Identify and remove legacy preferences from MediaWiki core (tracking)



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A api for preferences exist now (bug 18195)

Repeated from 38395; we'll be working on this soon :).

(In reply to comment #2)

Repeated from 38395; we'll be working on this soon :).

Good. Don't forget bug 31882, inconsistency is what causes most confusion and lost opportunities in users.

Change 139872 had a related patch set uploaded by Nemo bis:
Put Watchlist preferences on the watchlist itself

Special:RecentChanges would also benefit from this. See also T29050

Change 139872 abandoned by Jdlrobson:
Link to Watchlist preferences from the watchlist itself

revisit later

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I see a few different ideas floating around on this page. The title suggests we should "Save" special page prefs from the page itself. Elsewhere, a patch mentions just "Linking" to Watchlist prefs from Watchlist.

Both ideas have merit, but the latter—just linking to the prefs from the relevant page— is certainly easier to implement. I think having such a link could add considerable value. Users of Recent Changes, for example, currently have no reason to suspect that a list of preferences exist to customize that page's functions. Having a link on the page for "Set page preferences" would go a long way towards cluing them in.

All we really need for this is a design and spec for standard placement (presumably in the vicinity of the Help icon?). If we had that, then teams could add the links to their pages whenever they had some time. Who would be responsible for creating a design like this? @Volker_E, what do you think?