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PageTriage: Marking a page as under review shouldn't mark it as patrolled
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to an article
  2. Add the tag "under review"

Expected behaviour:
The page is not yet patrolled

Actual result:
The page is marked as patrolled

Selected the option caused both and (marking it as under review and patrolling it)

Ideally, adding any tag wouldn't automatically patrol the page, but especially not the tag that explains the page is currently being reviewed (and thus hasn't yet been patrolled fully)

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Potential duplicate of T148353 - though this deals with one specific tag, that task is generalized to any tag.

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Tagging the Community-Tech team because they are working on Page Curation.

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• I'm removing the Community Tech label from this ticket, as this work is not a part of the community wishlist.