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Port "Page actions menu when anonymous.Receive notification message - Watchlist Icon" browser test to Node.js from Ruby
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This test seems to be failing consistently in the Ruby build. Let's move it to the Node.js stack and hope this results in a little more stability (and green circles!) for Ruby.

tests/browser/features/pageactions.feature has 2 tests so should hopefully be relatively straightforward to port.

Developer notes

We'll need to implement a Drawer step but I believe the other steps are accounted for (in some form).

@chrome @firefox @vagrant
Feature: Page actions menu when anonymous

 Given I am using the mobile site
 And I am on the "Albert Einstein" page

 Scenario: Receive notification message - Edit Icon
 When I click the edit button
 Then I see the anonymous editor warning

 Scenario: Receive notification message - Watchlist Icon
 When I click the watch star
 Then I should see a drawer with message "Keep track of this page and all changes to it."

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apologies in advance if this is not the right tag.

It depends on what you are trying to do. :) Do you need help from Quality-and-Test-Engineering-Team (QTE)?

This is for the porting of a single test - and a subtask of T139740 which release engineering appear to be working on. Can be merged into the parent if that's useful.

I'm pretty sure Release-Engineering-Team is not working on T139740. Why do you think they are working on it? There has only been one patch merged (by WMDE) in the last year or so.

My question was why did you tag this task with Quality-and-Test-Engineering-Team (QTE) tag? The QTE team uses that tag to organize it's work. Do you need help from the QTE team in resolving this task? If not, I would suggest removing the tag from the task.