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Tasks overview August 2019
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Story: Write content and data to Wikimedia projects
Wikidocumentaries is a website where users can find media in GLAM collections around the world. By engaging with interesting content, they will enrich the media and import that content and data to Wikimedia projects. To allow users to write data and media to Wikimedia projects, we need to make registration easier and allow OAuth.

Starting to write data will enable adding found images to Wikimedia Commons and enriching their metadata, allow users to fix and edit data on Wikidata items straight from the Wikidocumentaries page, make possible adding new data, items and source information to Wikidata from federated queries relating to each topic and create a platform for a variety of crowdsourcing tools.

Story: Navigate the content in all languages
Wikidocumentaries will make all Wikimedia content accessible equally in all languages. All information in Wikidocumentaries is linked using Wikidata QIDs. A Wikipedia article relating to a specific Wikidata item can be read in other languages if it is missing in the user's language or translated easily. There is remaining work in making all languages work.

Story: Use local Wikibase to add a layer of local content
Wikidocumentaries allows users to write testimonials and other thematic writings about Wikidata topics in addition to displaying the related Wikipedia articles. The Wikidocumentaries wiki is the place to write these articles, but how to link them to the Wikidata item? There could be several articles relating to the same topic, and there could be translations of these in several languages, and they should be linked with the data item. The testimonials are not collaboratively written articles, instead they should be treated as primary sources and edited only by their creators. The information could be saved in the local Wikibase. How to architect this? T229999

Links in embedded Wikipedia articles are redirected to pages created based on their QIDs. Articles that are created in Wikidocumentaries, should have links that are only based on the QID. To allow this for ordinary users, VisualEditor should be made to create links based on QIDs.

Possible tasks

MediaWiki-related tasks

Establish the user account creation process and enable OAuth for editing Wikimedia projects T197969
Install VisualEditor T200605
Prototype an add-on to VisualEditor that makes links based on Wikidata items. T229748
Structured Data on Commons T223358

Enhance media search and metadata retrieval from SDC T223679
Enable media and metadata upload and update to Wikimedia Commons T197968
Create a one-click function to upload a found image to Wikimedia Commons T229994


Make translations to new languages T229765
Automate new translation inclusion T222453
Fix language bugs: recognise and route all language codes correctly, and other language-related routing challenges T210317


Link local articles to Wikidata items and store the link in the Wikidocumentaries Wikibase T200605


Create photo geotagging interface and solve data storage T209605
Include map georectification interface and solve data storage T227036

Planning, designing, brainstorming

Vote for and propose the most important feature to focus on
Register new ideas or observations in a Phabricator ticket
Join the project as developer in the Phabricator board or the Wikidocumentaries community in Facebook. If you want to join developing new projects for the initiative, join Wikidocumentaries Slack.

Ready to present
Languages, note how it enables navigation in a small language
Article language switch
Images from several sources, metadata view, matching interface
Gallery component

Top required fixes
Enable user registration
Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive have large images in the thumbnail data - they jam the system - try finding a way to display rather than disable
Read SDC data and Wikimedia Commons subcategories
Facet, sort, search and lazy load galleries
Facet, sort, search and lazy load images
Search input breaks responsive mobile layout, long section titles and multiple icons need care also
Wikipedia article link should not change UI language
If there is not a single Wikidata statement in an item, the page fails > should display
Create a lookup for Creative Commons license links with localisation
Gallery item background bug
Multi-part languages not loaded > default Wikipedia fallback mechanism required for many of them
Pulldown should align within the column in the metadata section in the image viewer. Z-index problem.
Map canvas in the metadata section covers pulldown
Disable time selector in the metadata section of the Image viewer for the time being > create a time selector in the long run
Map view Nearby topics language
Map view image link style and target (could also link to image viewer if possible)
Better scroll for the ImageViewer modal,

Top next features and their blockers
Local testimonial articles for Wikidata items (user registration, article linking data modelling, UI)
Create a new item process + modal (user registration, write routines Wikidata)
In-context editing of labels, descriptions, aliases and statements
Save image metadata (user registration, image metadata modelling, write routines Wikidocumentaries, UI, system to compare original metadata dynamically from source with locally saved enriched data and presenting that in the user interface)
Save and display header images (save image metadata, UI)
Write preferred images into Wikidata as P18 (Commons image) or P4765 (other sources)
Enrich Wikimedia Commons image metadata directly to Commons (parse Commons metadata, write routines SDC, user registration (maybe), image metadata modelling)
Geolocating on desktop (user registration, save image metadata, image metadata modelling, UI)
Enable mobile geolocating for images (data exchange with Ajapaik)
Timeline (which initiative to build on, data modelling, federated queries, display)

Components to develop, which ones are most desirable?
Search page: Map search, multiple conditions, SPARQL, result display
Family tree
Map component (layer selection, shapes, saving shapes?, shapes as search condition?, data visualisations)
Save user-defined collections (user registration, write routines Wikidocumentaries, user data modelling, UI)
Community / institution page
Discussion in communities, topics and images
Saving or making available own images
House plans

Tools, which ones are most desirable?
IIIF viewer component to image viewer and annotation of images
Warping maps
OCR and transcription

Crowdsourcing tasks
Which one is older?
Remove from this topic, because
Create statements from Wikipedia articles
Create statements from federated data

Overview of possible next steps (and the next after that) Wikidocumentaries next steps and other opportunities

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