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Enable creating local articles to Wikidocumentaries
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It will be possible to create local articles in WIkidocumentaries.

There will be two types:

  1. The first type is equivalent to Wikipedia articles. They will be saved in the one Wikidocumentaries wiki and catalogued in the Wikibase. They could be saved similarly to referencing Wikipedia articles in Wikidata, perhaps repurposing that component or creating a new one.
  2. A second type or articles in Wikidocumentaries are testimonials. They are articles written by one contributor only. They cannot be modified, but they can be quoted remixed, and translated.

Requirements (wishes) (1=super important, 3=nice to have)

  • (1) Articles in Wikidocumentaries should be able to be linked to the locally stored item, one article per language
  • (1...2) Articles in Wikidocumentaries should be able to be translated with ContentTranslation


  • (3) Articles written in Wikidocumentaries should be able to be incorporated in Wikipedia. What could be the mechanism?
    • How can article history be preserved? User accounts will not be interchangeable.


  • Install VisualEditor for local articles.
  • Modify VE to allow linking to federated Wikibases (items/articles in the local Wikibase or Wikidata). We can solve this by creating id-based links and resolving them in Vue, but Visual Editor should be able to produce them.
  • Make a Citoid version that writes structured data preferably directly to Wikidata. Reference that source in Wikidocumentaries articles, and also in Wikipedia, if possible. Use for references in the Visual Editor in Wikidocumentaries.

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Could Visual Editor be part of the Wikibase Docker compose @Addshore ?

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