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LanguageConverter should remember variant selection for anonymous users across different pages
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Currently, if a user isn't logged in, even if they have explicitly selected a variant from the drop-down menu on one page, the preference is lost as soon as they click on a link to navigate to a different page, and it falls back to the default.. This is a pretty poor user experience, especially since e.g. in the case of zhwiki, the default is a mix of unconverted Traditional and Simplified characters if it can't be inferred from browser settings.

This also happens on MobileFrontend, which may need to be fixed separately.

Possible mitigations

  • Save the variant selection in a session or regular cookie
  • Automatically modify the URL of all internal links (wiki links, sidebar, search, etc.) to include variant information (e.g. if I'm viewing維基百科, all link targets should use be prefixed with rather than with

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