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Create Wikimedia Hackathon documentation pages
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  • should be readable (nice website on toollab, not a wiki page)
  • should be easily translatable
  • should be easily updatable (use of markdown)
  • should be updatable rapidly (github repo with a trigger to update automatically

I am translating (FR >EN) the texts that are written in framapad.

Geertivp renamed this task from Create documentation pages to Create Wikimedia Hackathon documentation pages.Jun 5 2019, 8:15 AM

Assuming this task is about OpenRefine, as its parent task is about OpenRefine. Hence I'm adding OpenRefine project tag to this task. This will allow others to see/find this task when looking at the workboard for OpenRefine. (Please correct the project tag to a more suitable tag, if I am wrong.)

Hi all,
quick update: i18n engine implemented + languages can be changed now.
2 languages are for the moment implemented: En and FR
Tools is now hosted on on forge:

@Mh-3110: Is this task still valid? Do you still plan to work on this? Thanks.

@Aklapper not sure this task is still valid.
I'm unassigning myself from it.


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I'm doing some cleanup of OpenRefine task in preparation for new development related to StructuredDataOnCommons (see this page for more context). As this task seems abandoned and has very little information, I'm taking the freedom to close it. Feel free to re-open if I did this by mistake.