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Implement hunspell dictionary for euwiki article quality model
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Word from @Theklan is that there is a good dictionary for Basque. Let's implement a set of features.

Also, there are some paragraphs of English and Spanish that we might want to catch.

English or spanish in a <ref> tag is OK, but not in the rest of the content.


  1. Merge
  2. Edit
    • Add new features for the proportion of words that match Basque, English, and Spanish dictionaries.
  3. Train and test to compare results.

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I think Hunspell is available in Basque, there are also dictionaries made by IXA Taldea (@Ksarasola) available: Most prominent one is Xuxen: This is mantained by @ElhuyarFundazioa, but can be downloaded for use.

Hello @Halfak
I'm currently building some statistics on the ORES assesments to our project article list and I'm seing that the Start-C-B part is quite inconsistent. We can have a start article with 5.7 points and a C with 4.9... even we can have a good article with 5.9.

Would it be possible to run again a set of articles to get a better assesment?


Harej triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 4 2019, 9:21 PM
Harej moved this task from Unorganized to New development on the Machine-Learning-Team board.

Just for the record, there is a campaign with more labels for this dataset up here: See T215351 completing that.

For this task, I'd like to focus on using dictionaries to make the predictions better.

So we have revscoring.languages.english.dictionary.dict_words and a similar for Spanish. We could incorporate those into the feature list of the Basque model by including raw counts and a proportion. E.g. revscoring.languages.english.dictionary.revision.dict_words / revscoring.features.wikitext.revision.words

I've already got a work in progress PR for adding hunspell dictionary support for basque. See

This is live. I'm hoping to make this one of the intro tasks for our new engineer, @kevinbazira. He's still just getting his accounts and access together though.

@Theklan, do you think it's likely we'll find examples of articles that are long enough to be high quality but contain English/Spanish language and are thus lower quality in our labeled data?

I see that we still have a some labels needed for the most recent campaign:

If we don't have many good examples, we could work from some cherry-picked examples. I think 10 or 15 examples of articles (they can be historical versions of articles) with English/Spanish or other non-Basque language content could work.

Hello! I have some queue to start with the labelling campaign, but I will follow up as soon as possible.

We have this category of articles that need corrections:
In this category we have texts in other languages inside the articles, mostly on citations:

The article Lantanoide ( is a good example: structurally perfect, but with lots of wrong wording.

I have finished the labelling campaing. There was a redirect in the list, so I said it was a stub, because I couldn't finish without it.

Thanks Theklan. I looked through but my stupid American monolingual eyes couldn't see any clear instances of English or Spanish words. :) Are there a lot of Basque language typos in the article? I'm trying to think through how we'll make the best use of these new features.

Either way, I'm curious how you would rate the quality of such an article that is structurally perfect but has wrong wording. After all, we'll need to figure out how to teach the model to make better predictions about articles like this.

It looks like we have the dictionary working. The next step is to re-train the model.

How could we train this? I add @Ksarasola to this topic, maybe he has some great ideas.

@Theklan! We've got training in progress right now. But, I'm very interested in working with new volunteers. @Ksarasola, I'm sure we could find some other ways to make ORES for euwiki and related languages better :)

Change 547285 had a related patch set uploaded (by Halfak; owner: Halfak):
[operations/puppet@production] Adds hunspell-eu to ores/manifests/base.pp

Change 547285 merged by Dzahn:
[operations/puppet@production] Adds hunspell-eu to ores/manifests/base.pp

@kevinbazira, thanks to @Dzahn, you should be unblocked. Please try to rebuild the euwiki model when you can and we can review/iterate when I get online tomorrow.