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Being unable to copy/paste punctuation characters on certain special pages (CheckUser) makes it harder to copy and paste to text editor
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@DoRD reports (

There is still a problem here. The patch caused the punctuation characters to be displayed again, but the characters cannot be selected in a browser. I haven't tested every browser, but on MacOS at least, this affects both Chrome and Firefox. In most cases, this isn't a problem, however for CheckUsers, it may be an issue.

When investigating complex sockpuppetry cases, I frequently copy/paste CU data into a text editor to make it easier to correctly format the results of the investigation for posting on-wiki. As it stands now, copying the data leaves out the parenthesis and pipe characters, so for this purpose, the fix didn't work. Please see the attached screenshots. [edit] The reason that the parens, etc., are needed for this purpose is because I use regex to find the username, and the first parens is what I search for.

@Xaosflux says:

List users does it as well, for example:

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Is this something a gadget could help with?

If CSV is the desired output, this actually makes things easier. Try the following code out (although note there is an outstanding issue with T223872) :

$('#bodyContent ul li > *').each((i,n)=>{$(n).removeAttr('class');$('<span>|</span>').insertAfter(n)})

At least for me, CSV is not the desired output for CU data, as I normally want to paste it into wiki markup, and then I end up having to fill in the separators. As far as I understood from the other ticket, those separators are now displayed via CSS, so this could be the reason it's not selecting.