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Enable UserFeedback Gadget on
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One of the big piece of this GSoC project: T219193 would be to add a tabbed window on all API pages in the Help namespace on This tabbed window will show sample code in different programming languages showing how to make use of an API module.

Though, the UserFeedback gadget was initially deployed on Wikitech (and it worked well there): T213782, it would be good to have this enabled on MediaWiki now. This will help us learn if the documentation improvements made as part of the Outreach program projects to API docs were helpful or not.

Steps to do so I imagine would be:

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Asking here if anyone has any concerns in doing so:

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For the step 2, actually only one interface admin is active the last 30 days ; it's @Wargo (Special:ActiveUser), If he not responding, you can ask to a global interface admin or a staff.

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Gadget enabled and can now be activated on Special:Preferences, see the post.

Personnal feedback : it's possible to create OOUI like and dislike ? The actual "emoji" looks weird compared to the rest of the page

@Tomybrz @Wargo Thank you so much for quick response on this! I've two more changes to request:

Thanks again for all your help!

Wargo added a comment.Jun 13 2019, 9:09 AM

Could you confirm it changed?

Tomybrz added a comment.EditedJun 13 2019, 10:51 AM

Could you confirm it changed

yeah working, also confirmed as default gadget

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Thank you very much @Wargo & @Tomybrz! It works :)

Can you make messages translatable?

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@Shirayuki @Tomybrz I don't seem to find a quick method to make messages in the form translatable. I see this documentation but it is for 2.0 :-/ If I find an easy fix for this, I will work on it soon!

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IMHO separate tasks should be filed as separate tasks.
This task called "Enable UserFeedback Gadget on MediaWiki" should be resolved because the UserFeedback gadget is now enabled on

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