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Missing structures like islands on map server tiles
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In case of the Greek island of Ios the island is not seen, only the streets of this island on the water surface. See:

I made a workaraound putting an area of this island as a map shape on the map to demonstrate the existence of this object in the OSM database.

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History of the relation of Ios (history viewer) has edit comments like "coastline fixes" and "repaired relations", which suggest that coastline of Ios has been broken on several occasions over the past months. So likely it was broken at the time when Wikimedia updated coastline. If I'm not mistaken coastline is updated less often than other map features, so it may take a while till it gets fixed. Unless someone tries to regenerate the area manually (approach mentioned in T159631).

It is well known, that OSM ways and areas could be defective. But they are shown on OpenStreetMap. Maybe more fault-tolerant functions are used at OSM as compared to these of Wikimedia. If a relation is an area maybe the shape can automatically be closed.

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It seems fixed, please reopen if needed.