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Evaluate onboarding in mobile VE
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Task overview

This task involves the work with identifying what can be done to improve the mobile editing onboarding flow.


As we explore making VE the default editing interface on mobile (see: T221195), we anticipate there being more contributors experiencing VE for the first time. What is important these people know about editing? How effective is the current onboarding flow at communicating to contributors what they need to know about editing upon arriving at the editor for the first time?

In addition to newcomers, there are many experienced IP editors that are affected by the onboarding flow – what are their needs? How does the current experience meet them?

Open questions

  • How do retrained mobile VE contributors behave?
    • How frequently are they contributing?
    • What edits are they making most consistently?
    • What edit(s) did they get started with?
    • What value do they get from editing?
    • What action can we assume signifies a contributor getting this value?
  • What have other teams (i.e. iOS) learned about mobile onboarding?
  • What is the current mobile editing onboarding experience?
  • Who is affected by mobile editing's onboarding flow?
    • What are their needs?
    • How does the current onboarding experience meet their needs?

Event Timeline

IP editor comments

  • "the awful big message asking users to register. It is presented in such a way that the average user will think that they must register before editing, even if the message says otherwise, because it actively blocks attempts to go directly to the editor until you click one of the buttons."
  • "There are a few times that I also get an overlay saying something about "welcome to wikipedia", also requiring another click."


ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)

Meta question that occurred to me during usertesting recently. Is it onboarding to VE or general editing onboarding?

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