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Finalize the copy for Edit Cards v2
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Design: @iamjessklein
Engineer: @Esanders
Product: @ppelberg
Consulted: @matmarex @Volker_E

Why are we doing this?

When we release the new edit card feature T225725, we want to make sure that all copy is easily read and understood by Editors. The copy should be readable, translatable, and instructional.

User Story

When an Editor reads instructions or copy on an Edit card, they will understand it so that they know what action they need to take next

Google Doc:

Event Timeline

I would like us to change the "Unlink" label to "Remove link", because:

  • It feels like a jargon word, appropriate for us to use internally (e.g. in the name of the icon :) ), but not in the interface intended for people with varying degrees of experience
  • We do not use "link" as a verb elsewhere in the interface, only as a noun, e.g. "Add a link" not "Link"
  • I think it would encourage poor translations that feel even more jargony
  • We have more than enough space in the interface, so we do not need the brevity
  • I am not sure if "unlink" in this meaning is a real word in English. I checked a few dictionaries online and if they defined "unlink" at all, the definition is only about detaching physical things, not about hyperlinks (while the "link" verb has a separate definition for hyperlinks on the web)

In general, I support this change @matmarex. I am wondering does remove link have the same definition as unlink? To me unlink means to detach the existing link but possibly maintaining the intention to re-link, while remove means to go nuclear and complete change it back to plain text. As I write this I'm not even sure if it really makes a difference.

Hmm, I don’t think I see a difference either.

@Whatamidoing-WMF I am tagging you here as @ppelberg is going to discuss getting translation support with this ticket

We are in a good place with the content.
Everything is already being tested so lets ship this ticket.