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Document our culture for external paid translators
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Some documents are sometimes translated by paid translators, who are not familiar with our movement. Providing some context would help them to increase the quality of the translations they would work on.

Provide context:

  • what is the document for
  • what is the document about
  • who will read it

Provide culture:

  • what is the vocabulary used in the document (glossary)
  • what are the existing translations for that glossary (for instance; what is the translation of "village pump" for the given language)

Event Timeline

I did most if not all of this. I could publish the brief I gave.

This task is basically putting down what I have in mind. Asking a few professional translators about it may be useful. is my starting point and mostly what I gave to ASBS translator. I am not saying that my advice was necessarily correct. @Trizek-WMF , @Johan: thanks for sharing your thoughts/editing it as you see fit when you have time.