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Cant log into discuss space in discourse Android app, 503
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I can't log into the discourse instance in the android discourse mobile app.

I get to phab, authorize the app, then get redirected to a location like:<codehere>&state=<statehere>

Which gives me a 503

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I cannot log in either, but I get this error message:

Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?

I think this is going to be a Decline, while we pursue the proper solution: T215052: Add MediaWiki login support to Discourse

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Works fine for me right now.

@Addshore (or someone else), can you try again please?

I just checked again and I still get redirected to a 5** error, now a 502, on the URL as described in this ticket :/

Thanks! And would you mind trying in discourse-mediawiki, where we have the new Wikimedia Login plugin enabled?

For discourse-mediawiki and using wikimedia login I seem to get caught in a loop.

  • On meta on the OAuth page giving the thing permission.
  • Click Allow.
  • Goes back to discourse main page (doesn't appear logged in)
  • Create account window then automagically pops up
  • Then I am redirected back to the OAuth page on meta with the allow button agian.

Progress! :/

OK, we are still fine tuning this Wikimedia login plugin, which right now it is not fully working as expected on desktop. Let's revisit this task when T215052 is marked as resolved.

Thank you for testing @Addshore !

I still get this error testing Discuss Space. No idea why.

Discuss Space has been shut down.