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Figure out what to do with tawiki's 'nocreate' user group
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ta.wikipedia has a strange group called nocreate which just removes its holders the createpage user right (to prevent them to create any pages). It is defined at

'wgRevokePermissions' => [
	'tawiki' => [
		'nocreate' => [ 'createpage' => true ],

With the deployment of Partial Blocks this doesn't seem to be needed anymore. Thoughts?

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I don't see a way how to remove privilege to create pages in partial block interface, see below.

image.png (714×653 px, 42 KB)

Can you tell me how would you do it?

I'd just go and partially block the user from editting the Main namespace but yes, it looks like blocking someone from just creating pages is not totally supported (just barring you from an entire namespace). I'm still quite skeptical about this 'nocreate' permission. We use user rights to let people do something, not vice-versa. Maybe Anti-Harassment can investigate about enhacing partial blocks to prevent people from performing a specific set of actions?

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Thanks @dbarratt - I've marked this task as blocked by T199918. If the proposal is enacted at a later date, we could maybe move forward with this one. Until then, I've stalled this task.

I propose to remove the user group entirely. The group have not been assigned since 2010, and no user in the group is active since 2010. I don't think a group with only members inactive for nine years still have a propose now.

Also, it's easy to prevent a specific user from creating articles using AbuseFilter, if there's still a need.

Can we ask any admins from tawiki? I don't speak the language, but they may be able to confirm that it is no longer needed

In my opinion we should announce that this group will be removed and partial blocks will be an alternative; tawiki admin may block existing users at will. I will not support a preemptive conversion as it's meaningless to block a 10-year-inactive user.

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Re-triaging. This is still lowest, as it doesn't matter when (if at any time) it gets done.

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