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server-cache did neither update on uploading nor with ?action=purge
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As reported on that is an old image that wasn't updated also the file got reuploaded three times (with minor changes and two different users). I tried yesterday twice ?action=purge, without success.
Between the three uploads I uploaded it to without any obvious problems (but here the default preview-size changed).

Side note: The original SVG failed to render on but the three reuploads were rendered by Commons:Commons_SVG_Checker

For new preview-sizes Wikimedia needs some rendering-time, for available preview-sizes it takes the carched one.
What happens if someone presses ?action=purge? Which preview-sizes were imediatly rendered? (Can that result in an overload?) What is the maximal processing time? Is there a CPU-Time-limit or a real-time-limit, because failures seems to be quite random after approxmiatly 2 real-time-seconds.

Is there a reduction of time-limit for high-traffic users? Because if I do many demanding requests get T226318 .

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