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Translation memory is slow to load
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Forwarded by @Johan, reported by translator Vira. Below is a video reproducing the issue,

Website: Wikimedia MetaWiki

We will need to see the server configuration for TTM.

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The API result includes time taken by each aid:

definition: 0
definitiondiff: 0.006
documentation: 0.005
gettext: 0
inotherlanguages: 0
insertables: 0
mt: 0
query_aggregator: 0.06
support: 0
translation: 0.003
ttmserver: 13.348

So it's clearly the translation memory. For tech news this is a known issue. See T101236#4514784 for example.

This bug does not only affect the translation suggestions. As you can see on the video, it also affects the buttons ‘$var’ that helps you to insert variables and HTML blocks by clicking or using Alt+figure. It also affects the message documentation. (And maybe the diffs for obsolete translations, I don’t remember.) All those things appear together.

So the original title ‘Translations aids are slow to load’ was right.

If translation memory is the only element which is slow, then it would technically be good to make the others things appear directly, and the translation memory would be the only long thing to load.