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[Bug] Notification drawer spins forever on load failure
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Login and visit on the MinervaNeue mobile site.
  2. In the DevTools network tab, enable offline mode.
  3. Tap the notification bell.
  4. Observe that the loading spinner persists forever.
  5. Dismiss the notification drawer.
  6. Disable offline mode.
  7. Tap the notification bell.
  8. Observe the loading spinner persists forever.

Expected results

  • A retry button or load failure message is presented.

Actual results

  • The drawer signals that it is loading but it isn't.

Environments observed

  • Browser version: Chromium v75.0.3770.142
  • OS version: Ubuntu v19.04
  • Device model: Desktop
  • Device language: English

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What error state should we show when there is no Internet connection? Would the one in the image overlay be appropriate?

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@alexhollender we can decline this if we can solve T235193 and use the desktop modal on mobile as part of T226125 - let's chat about this at next opportunity

@Jdlrobson moving this out of Designing/discussing as we're not currently working on this. It seems, given this task, T235193, T226125, and T225535, that we may want to make a mini-epic around notifications on mobile, though probably not something we'd work on anytime soon.

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