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Offer Loadtesting as a Service
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As a service developer I want to be more confident that my service will stand up to the load I expect to have placed upon it.

Currently this seems to be done in an ad-hoc manner and in some cases simply skipped. For example recently we tested the termbox service with some custom Locust scripts. Without a place to run these form it ended up being done from a developer laptop making the test hard to reproduce and increasing the barrier to entry.

It would be awesome to have a service that:

  • Can generate traffic to my service
  • It possible to configure some range of request content/parameters to fully exercise it
  • can be run near the service in question to make latency realistic

It would be even cooler but non-essential if it could:

  • have a feature for recording and replying prod traffic at various speeds
  • show pretty statistics for the testing

Perhaps this could be done by containerising an off the shelf load-testing solution and providing a chart for running.