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[EPIC] Performance testing environment
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The beta cluster is currently unsuitable for testing code for many performance problems, because it is all on VMs. It generally won't tell you about cachebusting either, for several of our caching layers.

Several people are working on Vagrant roles that will help developers test in more realistic environments in dev environments, with million-row databases and warm caches. But CPU and other constraints won't be realistic.

So - as one can see in - right now, many interactions we can only predict roughly until the code hits production.

It is not possible to have a testing cluster that exactly mirrors production. And of course it is the developer's responsibility to know the constraints of the production system and know how her code exercises those systems. And with heterogeneous deployment, it's *possible* to notice some problems while they're only affecting less-trafficed wikis. But some people have expressed interest in creating a more realistic environment to test/predict how efficient code will be when deployed to very-high-traffic wikis, especially with unique configurations.

As a service developer I want to be more confident that my service will stand up to the load I expect to have placed upon it.

Currently this seems to be done in an ad-hoc manner and in some cases simply skipped. For example recently we tested the termbox service with some custom Locust scripts. Without a place to run these form it ended up being done from a developer laptop making the test hard to reproduce and increasing the barrier to entry.

It would be awesome to have a service that:

  • Can generate traffic to my service
  • It possible to configure some range of request content/parameters to fully exercise it
  • can be run near the service in question to make latency realistic

It would be even cooler but non-essential if it could:

  • have a feature for recording and replying prod traffic at various speeds
  • show pretty statistics for the testing

Perhaps this could be done by containerising an off the shelf load-testing solution and providing a chart for running.



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CCing Aaron and Ori which are the performance engineers. I know that at least Ori raised the subject previously in previous bug report.

Maybe we can investigate that after HHVM migration which takes a good share of our productivity this quarter and probably the next as well.

does it make sense to bring this up in the "scrum of scrums"?

(In reply to Daniel Zahn from comment #3)

does it make sense to bring this up in the "scrum of scrums"?

We can, but I think a larger conversation needs to happen between Platform/RelEng/Ops re support/team capacity. It won't be on our (RelEng's) todo list for this quarter, at least.

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Setting to Stalled, it's probably something that will come up again, but you're right, not on the plan for now.

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