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Determine when enough iOS app users have upgraded to a version without mobile view to allow removal of the mobile view API
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The MobileView API is deprecated and slated for removal.

This ticket is to block on removal of the MobileView API until enough users have upgraded to a version of the app without MobileView.

The first version of the app without MobileView is 6.6 and it completed phased rollout to users on 06/02/2020

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LGoto triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 4 2019, 8:06 PM
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Hey @JoeWalsh please respond whenever you have the time - no urgency - I was wondering what the numbers were for the iOS app and while reviewing blockers on T186627.

@Jdlrobson in the last 30 days, 94% of sessions were on versions of the iOS app that no longer require MobileView. @JMinor is there a particular % of sessions or some other metric you'd like to hit before we say this is resolved?

I didn't have a predetermined threshold, but can dig into it and set one.
I'd be curious if this % is stable (as in people are stuck on that version
and can't/won't update) vs a continuing trending decline. I'll follow up,
but will say we don't have to be 100% off from my perspective.

Good to know we don't need 100%.

Note, we might have a option of redirecting the mobileview API to some other response or reducing the response to something simple like an upgrade message if the only concern is around making sure these apps render something. From my point of view it's easier to maintain the API for this reason if it just returns static content provided I know what the content should be. Let me know if that's something I can consider.

Example potential response:

    "mobileview": {
        "sections": [
                "id": 0,
                "text": "Please upgrade your app."