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Notify users of Wikipedia app earlier than v6.6 of planned end-of-life
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Job story

As someone who is currently using an early version of the app (prior to v6.6) I need to be able to know that my version of the app will no longer be able to load articles in the near future, so that I can be sure to update my app if possible, or learn about alternative ways to access Wikipedia on my mobile device.

Why are we doing this?

At some soon future date tbd versions of the apps prior to v6.6 will stop being able to load articles due to their dependency on the MobileView API which is deprecated and planned for shutdown.

As of 2021/07/01 this represents roughly ~1.5% of our sessions per day according to Apple's analytics, and we'd like to notify these users about the imminent shut down and encourage them to upgrade if possible. To do this we'll insert a persistent notice in each article for a period prior to shutdown.

See parent task for additional context.

Design criteria

Design solution should:

  • Appear on the article view
  • Be platform agnostic (eg. work on Android as well as iOS)
  • Be actionable and specific (eg. individuals should know that the notification applies to them, and we should help them to resolve this issue)

Nice to haves:

  • A way to communicate to individuals what alternatives they have if they cannot upgrade their version of the app (eg. use mobile web)


  • Do we want the notification to be dismissible?
  • Do we want to utilize a preexisting alert design?
  • Do we want an initial modal with information followed by a persistent alert?
Design solution

You can find the designs in Figma here.

The proposed solution: The alert will be present on the top of the article pages inline with the text (under the title of the article).

Inline message.png (669×381 px, 201 KB)

Copy and links

The current content of the alert "Please update your Wikipedia app by [date], as you are currently using the old version of the app. Without the update, articles will stop loading. Click here to learn more."

  • Click here will be a link that takes the user to a media wiki page that explains the need for the update, talks about using the mobile version of Wikipedia if they can't update the app & has an email if someone has further questions or concerns.

Potential designs to build off of

Donation banner:
Language variant update banner:

Data cannot be shown error:
General toasts:

Event Timeline

Remember that Android users will also see this - Android has far fewer users than iOS currently using this. But message should be generic enough to work for iOS and Android users, and include a mailto link to give us feedback if they can't upgrade.

As of now, planning on inserting a section at the top of every article regarding this API - explaining it will be turned off starting on [insert date], please upgrade your app, and to get in touch w/ us (via a provided email address) if you have concerns. The nice thing is this works for both iOS and Android.

How are we going to handle translation for this? Something we need to consider.

Also adding @Johan to this ticket, so he's aware.

Assuming inside the API endpoint response is where the message will be rendered, we can use the PHP msg function and translation can happen via translate wiki. Can help provide a code sample if that's helpful.