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Author: viper550

Although I'm not sure if the new Usability Intuitive enhanced toolbar will be eventually included in the base MediaWiki distribution out of the box, I personally think we should at least give the classic editing toolbar a facelift.

By "facelift," I'm just proposing that we update the icons, maybe use bigger buttons, and choose glyphs with better meanings for the existing buttons if needed. Even if this "beta" eventually ends one day, it would at least be nice to update the appearance of that component upstream too.

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Severity: enhancement

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The enhanced toolbar is now at [[mw:Extension:WikiEditor]] and is the default edit toolbar on WMF wikis. On the other hand, it is being considered the idea of moving the old toolbar from MediaWiki core into an extension:

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Eh.. according to bug 26914, WikiEditor is already bundled with MediaWiki.

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