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Enhance Blocking and tagging from checkuser interface: add new page
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Author: lar

The enhancement to Special:Checkuser to allow blocking from the returned results page done in 12808 ( is hugely useful, for prolific sockmasters it saves a great deal of time and it's generally awesome. However I have two enhancement requests which I will enter as separate bugzilla entries.

The first one is that often, there is a desire to do further investigation, even if it is clear that the accounts found need blocking. The "block selected users" button carries out the block on the same page that the results were presented on, losing the results found so that it can display the text "the users X Y Z were blocked". It would be nice if there was a way to request the block be performed, but launch the result onto a new page instead of on the same page. While you can use the "back" button to return to the previous page this is not always optimal. Perhaps a check box to ask for a new page or something similar? Perhaps a change in default behavior?

From T145340#2627061 @Legoktm wrote:
The mass block CheckUser interface should be split to a separate special page.

We could still display the form on the CheckUser results page, however, it would POST to a different special page.

The special page could then be enhanced to support further blocking options like T24120: Enhance Blocking and tagging from checkuser interface: add dropdowns.

Also, separating it from CU permissions would enable us to open it up to all administrators (and possibly move it out of CU?).



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You could use JS to set the form's target to _blank... But for the server to try to remember what the results of the user's last query were and spit back out the same, I guess we'd have to do some ugly storage in session/memc. :/

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This has been achieved with Special:Investigate now having a separate block page - Special:InvestigateBlock. It is currently restricted to checkusers only but we have the option of expanding it to all admins, contingent on the community agreeing to this.
I'll mark this task as resolved for now and we can open it back up if anyone seems to think otherwise.