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Enhance Blocking and tagging from checkuser interface: add dropdowns
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Bugzilla author: lar


Often, there are standard block message templates that are in use (this varies by wiki) or standard block reasons in use (this also varies by wiki) all of which it would be convenient to present in a dropdown list. The list of templates could be a new MediaWiki message, similar to how MediaWiki:Licenses sets the license dropdown on Special:Upload.

For best results, since the templates often take parameters, after the selection is made, the wikitext of the template should then be editable so parameters can be included or additional text added or whatever, as now.

This dropdown enhancement request applies to all three of the fields

  • Replace user pages with:
  • Replace talk pages with:
  • Reason:

Acceptance criteria

  • In the CheckUser interface, add dropdowns in front of the following three text fields:
    • Replace user pages with:
    • Replace talk pages with:
    • Reason:
  • Default text should be "Select optional preload..."
  • When an option is selected in the dropdown, it should...
    • a) replace the contents of the text field
    • b) postpend to the contents of the text field (note: we are discussing a vs b in the comments)
  • The contents of the dropdowns should pull from three new MediaWiki: messages, which are customizable by users with the editinterface permission

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I also support adding a dropdown as Larry suggested.

  • Bug 41481 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Yep, this can become handy, specially for the block reason.

The original ticket suggests we re-use MediaWiki:IPbreason-dropdown — I believe this should be a new message, as there may be use cases where the options should be different.

What do other people think?

@Matanya & @SPoore — Can we find some time to update this ticket with current screenshots and requirements?

Also to verify: just make this change for CheckUser, or also for Special:Block?

@TBolliger Hi Trevor. I'm not sure which kind of screenshots do you need. To see, ie, the block form in CU you need to get user data which is not public. Maybe you could be granted checkuser permissions on testwiki so you can gather the information yourself? (@Jalexander @jrbs) In any case, checkuser design hasn't changed that much. There are some screenshots at Commons that, albeit old, are still accurate.

@MarcoAurelio Yes, of the blocking interface. There are none on

I have CU permissions but don't want to run queries on production data, so we're considering spinning up a test environment for the sake of demonstration.


CheckUserBlocker.png (557×1 px, 23 KB)

Screenshot of the blocking interface after using the "get users" option.

Hope that it helps but in any case I think that a test environment will give you much more information than a screenshot.

Thank you! This is perfect. Very helpful.

@MarcoAurelio @SPoore and all others interested — please review the acceptance criteria I've added. Directly edit or comment as you see fit.

As for option A vs. B — I think B is more user friendly (as no data is lost if a click is made on accident) but option A may be more desireable for productivity sake. I have no strong opinion.

Change 834618 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dreamy Jazz; author: Dreamy Jazz):

[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Add block reason dropdown to Special:CheckUser's checkuserblock form

Dreamy_Jazz changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Sep 29 2022, 6:11 PM

Change 834618 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/CheckUser@master] Add block reason dropdown to Special:CheckUser's checkuserblock form