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Experiment: Source navigator
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Users have access to a source quality report based on on wiki and off wiki factors (not black boxed). High scoring sources are highlighted inline and articles lacking sources or high quality sources include a CTA for improvement.

User story

As a reader of Wikipedia, I would like to know more about the citations used in the articles that I read so that I can learn more about how Wikipedia is built using reliable sources and explore similar articles or resources.

Proposed design

While a quality score of some kind does not appear to be immediately feasible, we would still be able to move forward with the on and off Wiki factors that hint towards a citation being trust worthy.

This design would consist of an interstitial card that appears at the end of the section where the highlighted reference is first cited in the article as well as a secondary information page which includes further details about the reference.

Tapping on the in article card would lead to the secondary information page / detail view.

Proposed data needs and sources
Wireframe of in article view cardWire frame of detail view
Outline 1.png (667×375 px, 45 KB)
Outline.png (1×375 px, 111 KB)

On Wiki data needs

  • Number of editors who have cited this work across all of Wikipedia
  • Number of editors who have cited this work in the related article
  • Number of times a work has been cited on Wikipedia
  • Number of times a work has been cited in this article
  • Number of languages / projects that cite this work
  • Editor who first added reference to related article
  • Date reference was first added to related article
  • List of other articles (in related article's language) that have also referenced this work

External data needs

  • Description or abstract of work
  • Subjects list (ideally mapped to matching Wikipedia articles using Wikidata)
  • Unique Identifier (ISBN, etc)
  • Year published
  • Length
  • Publisher or journal (ideally with a link to related Wikipedia article if available)
  • Availability for access online (eg. Open Library / Internet Archive, WikiSource, Hathi Trust, Guttenberg, ArXiv, etc)
  • Availability for access in local libraries

Potential resources

  • OCLC (aka WorldCat) has many of the external data needs available for books.
  • ArXiv might be helpful for academic articles
Proposed mocks
In article cardDetail viewAlt Detail view
Featured reference book (no wikipedia article for author).png (1×750 px, 115 KB)
Open featured refernece (no wikipedia article for author).png (2×750 px, 231 KB)
Open featured refernece (no wikipedia article for author) - Only borrow book available - alt layout.png (2×750 px, 231 KB)
  • How might we highlight on-Wikipedia content (eg. if the author or work has it's own Wikipedia article)
  • Might we want to start only with books?
  • Should we develop a template that editors can edit or add to articles themselves at the same time?
  • Should there be an option to edit the featured citation from the article view?

Notes from design review

RH: In cases where the featured reference is not cited elsewhere, it might be cool to introduce an empty state that prompts users to use this citation in other related articles. Maybe something like: Find out how to cite this reference in relevant articles
RH: Riffing off the user story an goal about improving user understanding and trust in citations, could there be something here that tells users more about why this is a featured reference? For example, links to learning more about Wikipedia:Veriability and Perennial sources ?

Event Timeline

LGoto triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 6 2020, 7:55 PM
LGoto moved this task from Needs Triage to Product Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

Ratio of citations per character
Ratio of citations from different source types
Ratio of citations per sentence

Per our meeting, a potential work breakdown/priotization based on "proximity" of the data to the Source in context. That is, source information is roughly in this priority:

  1. Source's use in article (history, context, basic info)
  2. About this article across Wikimedia
  3. About this article from other online sources
  4. About this article in meat space (library availability, etc)