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Add user preference to remember "Hide my own changes" on Special:RecentChanges
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Author: dasch

I think it would be nice to have an option to hide own changes from recent changes per default

For Wikipedia this is not very interesting, I know. But for my Wiki where most changes are done by myself I would like to have the possibility to see what changes were done by others without always switching to this mode

Version: 1.19.3
Severity: enhancement
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Don't see this as being a good user preference. Could probably do it with a little bit of Javascript, though.

dasch wrote:

why? Is there any reason to hide my own changes from watchlist but not from recent changes? Espacially when 90% of the edits in my wiki are done by me, I would like to view the edits by others, without creating a JavaScript

related: bug 16957 and bug 27050

Bumping this... As of v1.19.3, it is still not possible for me to set a preferences to hide my edits from recent changes by default. This would be extremely useful to me to keep my load times as low as possible when loading on my mobile device. I often do a large chunk of the editing on my wiki, and if I could filter my edits out by default, I wouldn't have to spend 15 minutes to load through 5 pages of my edits to see the other 8 edits made by other users.

This issue also exists for small Wikimedia projects, where there are only a few very active editors and occasional edits from a much larger pool of regulars who are autopatrolled.

FWIW, this is a dup/part of bug 27050/bug 7039.