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Make it harder to accidentally send unreview message to wrong person
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In T233729, it was made possible to send a message to reviewer in addition the author of a page AND the new option ( sending to "reviewer") was made the default selection.

The order isn't ideal and have been causing confusion. Many messages are not going where they're supposed to go; see this self-message, this one too as well as this all of which were obviously meant for the "author" but ended up on the "reviewers" talkpage.

A more recent case is here on wiki where another reviewer is also confused.

The solution is simple, the order should be swapped. Sending to "author" should be the default selection

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Change 563238 had a related patch set uploaded (by DannyS712; owner: DannyS712):
[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Send a message: Default to article creator

@Ammarpad sorry, didn't realize that you had assigned this to yourself. I've uploaded a patch that should fix this - can you take a look?

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I agree with the code reviewer that the algorithm in the existing patch is unusual. I might write a new patch that simply swaps the HTML <options> in modules/ext.pageTriage.views.toolbar/mark.underscore

<select id="mwe-pt-review-note-recipient">
	<option value="reviewer"><%- mw.msg( "pagetriage-add-a-note-for-option-reviewer", previousReviewer ) %></option>
	<option value="creator"><%- mw.msg( "pagetriage-add-a-note-for-option-creator", articleCreator ) %></option>

edit: I decided to take away the default completely. "Reviewer" seems like the most natural default to me. Switching it to "Creator" could just create the reverse problem. Having no default seems to me to be the safest option.

Novem_Linguae renamed this task from Page Curation: Swap the order of reviewer and author in message recipient menu to Make it harder to accidentally send unreview message to wrong person.Jul 25 2022, 11:43 PM

Change 816871 had a related patch set uploaded (by Novem Linguae; author: Novem Linguae):

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Change unreview message default recipient to blank

Change 816871 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Change unreview message default recipient to blank

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It's not the best etiquette to abandon someone else's patch, less so without asking them first — I've removed the "patch for review" tag from this task, but there's no harm in leaving the patch there for @DannyS712 to abandon :)

Change 563238 abandoned by Kosta Harlan:

[mediawiki/extensions/PageTriage@master] Send a message: Default to article creator


Abandoning per latest comment.