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relocate/reimage cloudvirt1013 with 10G interfaces
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This host is currently empty due to unrelated hardware issues T241313 and T241313. Since it's not doing anything important we should also move it to 10G before scheduling any new VMs there.


  • - put system offline in all checks for maint window
  • - relocate to 10G rack and update netbox
  • - update switch configuration for new primary 10G
  • - enable PXE for 10G primary interface.
  • - attach/cable secondary 10G port for instance traffic, update switch config.
  • - remove old switch config for 1G ports
  • - (update firmware?)
  • - PXE boot and reimage system
  • - reintroduce system into service cluster

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Andrew reassigned this task from Andrew to Cmjohnson.Jan 22 2020, 2:30 PM
Andrew changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 4 2020, 5:41 PM

Ah, dammit, dc-ops missed this ticket and now 1013 is back in service on 1G. So it's no longer a good time to do this, there's real workload on that host.

wiki_willy moved this task from Backlog to Cloud Tasks on the ops-eqiad board.Feb 18 2020, 10:21 PM

@Andrew This is already located in 10g rack just needs Dac cables and connected to 10g nic. I have talked to @JHedden regarding this not sure if additional changes with switch is needed if using same ports.