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Make travel reporting fully digital
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As part of our move to a digital only (to the extent possible) workflow for our accounting we have identified travel reporting as a step that currently requires physical papers.

The physical requirement is a consequence of us requesting that the applicant print then sign the travel report (with the ED then countersigning).

If the requirement for the applicant signature can be removed a digital copy of the travel report could be entered into the accounting system and (digitally) countersigned by the ED there.

The purpose of this task is to investigate

  1. If this signature can be removed, and if so how the existing routines need to be changed
  2. If the travel report can be digitally handled by the accounting system
  3. How the report template (and written instructions/documentation) needs to be updated to accommodate this.

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@Evelina-Bang-WMSE @Maria_Burehall_WMSE @Jopparn
Creating this so as not to forget (please merge if a task for this already existed).

As far as I remember the state of things is as follows (correct me if I'm wrong)

  1. Likely not an issue, the routine would have to be that the applicant exports the page to pdf and sends this to administrative personnel, that way the applicant is responsible for the correct/finalised version having been sent in. The alternative is that the applicant signs (with ~~~~) a new "finalized" row of the report and then contacts administrative personnel to take over from there.
  2. This needs to be investigated
  3. Updates to the template / template dokumentation and template example have been prepared (just dropping the signature rows) and can be copied across when ready.

Per: T262513
//Kvitto&Resa: Utvärdera modul och dess lämplighet för att ersätta vår reseersättnignsrapportering/

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This is now done 🥳

Instructions added and updated on Wiki and in the organisationassistents-document.