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Replying workflow engagement data checks
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In order to understand whether the Replying workflow has been implemented properly and subsequently decide whether the feature should be deployed more broadly, we will check a set of "workflow engagement metrics" with each release.

This is the parent task for these "checks." More information about the purpose of these "checks" can be found below.


The decision to deploy the Replying feature as an opt-out User Preference on four target wikis depends, in part, on the team having confidence in the following:

  1. People are having success using the feature
  2. People are NOT using the tool in ways that is negatively impacting the experience of others

In order to know the extent to which "1)" and "2)" above are true, we will do a quantitative analysis of how people are using the feature, with each new version that is released.

More details about these analyses can be found in these tickets:

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ppelberg renamed this task from Initial check of workflow engagement metrics to Replying workflow engagement data checks.Mar 6 2020, 10:29 PM
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Hey @ppelberg you removed this from the OWC2020 tag, was that intentional?

Hey @ppelberg you removed this from the OWC2020 tag, was that intentional?

Oops – nope. Good catch. Thank you for adding it back.