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OTRS should inform agents if we have received emails from the same address in the past
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OTRS currently provides no notification that we have received emails from the same address in the past. Because many people send us multiple emails, or send a series of emails with separate subject lines over a course of weeks, months, or years, agents end up sending out duplicative responses, or responding to people who should not be receiving further responses.

It is possible to search to see all emails from an address, but it's not practical to do so for every ticket. The interface should be flagging this for us, and ideally also including a list of the past tickets on the sidebar (much like it does for linked tickets).

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I could not find a related request in so this should probably be upstreamed. Feel free to. :)

Meh, says that this should go to instead, hence not reported upstream (or maybe it is but we do not know the link here?).

Submitting ideas to IdeaScale will, unfortunately, be a waste of time, as new features will only be added to the newest version. They also don't really accept a lot of ideas from that page...

I develop a lot of add-ons for OTRS and would love to help you out if you're still interested in that feature.

I should mention that our version does have a feature that sort of accomplishes this, which I've started using: on a ticket, go to People -> Customer, and it will bring up a list of tickets from that address. However, that still requires an agent to check each time; it would be much better if the information were displayed automatically.

I got a bit frustrated with all the nonsense in the OTRS feature request system, but I believe @Gryllida had some discussions with the OTRS developers on IRC and they indicated there was further support for this in a later version of OTRS. Gry, do you have the details on that?

Of course, we don't really know when our OTRS system will be upgraded (T187984). @eyazi, if you think you could program something without much trouble, I would certainly appreciate it. I don't know what our process for reviewing and deploying custom extensions is, but maybe it could be simpler than the whole upgrade.

If you're working a lot with not registered customers (normal inquiries from unknown emails), you have to get the information through the Customer Information Center, as you've mentioned it, even in version 6.0x and 7.0.x
The sidebar does show the number of open tickets of a customer, but only if that email address exists as a customer. In that case, it would show: "Open tickets (customer) (2)".

The programming would be the easiest part, to be honest. Someone would just have to tell me where to push the code and how much information you want to see in the sidebar.

But the upgrade should definitely be done first.