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Growth team - Mentor audit April 2020 edition
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Ambassadors to check the mentors activity and tell inactive mentors that they are going to be removed.

  • Step 1: look through all the list of mentors, and note down whether they are (a) active on wiki, (b) answering newbie questions
  • Step 2: if inactive on wiki, just remove from list of mentors.
  • Step 3: if active, but not answering newbies, ask why and whether they want to still be a mentor. If no answer from these people, remove from list.
  • Step 4: if they are answering newbies, thank them or give them a barnstar!

Mentors who are active but don't reply to a majority of questions should be encouraged to improve their effort. If they can't, they should politely be invited to resign, with thanks for participating.

When done, please report the number of inactive mentors so that we can think about recruiting more.

  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

Event Timeline

Stats about are available in this document. I noticed:

  • one mentor who has a law ratio of answering questions,
    • Edit: He is studying and having less time for wiki activities but promised to come back asap.
  • one mentor is not receiving questions as expected/comparing to other mentors,
  • recently added mentors (last 3 on the list) are not as efficient as the first ones.


  • One user removed, last edit late March 2020. Was not responding to the Qs.
  • Ellif did not get any question for a month. He did not reply for the last question asked - early March. Active otherwise. Probably a nudge?
  • 유자차 seemed to be the one with the most Qs for last month or so. He replied to almost all questions, which is probably barnstar-worthy.

Viwiki, no mentor removed. One mentor didn't actively respond to newcomer's questions, but I want to give him more time. I'll consider removing him next month if no response was shown.

Trizek-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thank you all!