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CharInsert: Split displayed text from inserted code
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As the title says, the displayed text for CharInsert should be splitted from the inserted code.
E.g.: "includeonly" inserts <includeonly></includeonly>

It would also be awesome if multirow text could be inserted like templates and tables.

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Subfader created this task.Apr 30 2010, 1:09 PM

proppy wrote:

add custom label on charinsert


proppy wrote:

Feel free to review this patch for inclusion in CharInsert extensions, it allows to customized the link label by passing a "label" argument to charinsert tag, example:

<charinsert label="foo">bar</charinsert>

proppy wrote:

Please tell me if it needs additional work.

proppy wrote:

add custom label on charinsert test case

Here is a test case that validated submitted patch behaviour.


Sorry, had not time back then and now remembered this. The patch works fine (without the test case). Cheers!

*Bulk BZ Change: +Patch to open bugs with patches attached that are missing the keyword*

How can I add line breaks using your patch? E.g. to insert



Another Headline

sumanah wrote:

Johan, I'm sorry for the wait. I'm marking this bug with "need-review" to signal to developers that there's code here awaiting review. Thank you for your patch and test case.

sumanah wrote:

Johan, does your patch still apply?

I recommend that you get a developer access account so that you can commit your patches directly into the source control system in the future -- in fact, you could update and submit this patch, and get it reviewed faster. I'm sorry for the delay.

Kghbln added a subscriber: Kghbln.Mar 30 2015, 7:42 AM

This was requested again [1] so I guess the patch never made it to the official repo.


@Kghbln Yeah that was me. I am almost begging for someone to make it an official repo. I don't understand PHP well enough to do any tweaking of this extension myself, so please would someone do this.

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Subfader added a comment.EditedSep 17 2016, 3:41 PM

5 years later and it's still not possible to create a one word button for multi-line code. E.g.

<charinsert label="Infobox"><nowiki>{{Infobox&#10; |&#10;}}</nowiki></charinsert>
Subfader added a comment.EditedSep 17 2016, 5:00 PM


>         global $charInsertArgs;
>         $charInsertArgs = $params;
< 		if ( $eend == '' ) {
> 		global $charInsertArgs;
> 		if( isset($charInsertArgs["label"]) && $charInsertArgs["label"] != "" ) {
> 			$inline = $charInsertArgs["label"];
> 		} elseif ( $eend == '' ) {

@Subfader: To get this moving, you are very welcome to use developer access to submit the proposed code changes as a Git branch directly into Gerrit which makes it easier to review them quickly and provide feedback. If you don't want to set up Git/Gerrit, you can also use the Gerrit Patch Uploader. Thanks again!

Can someone submit this patch?

@AlexeiKopylov : You can, or anybody else. See my previous comment. :)

I never done this, so I wonder if someone more familiar with the process can do it. It's not my code, and I don't know how to test it. Or is it OK to submit patch without testing? Also there are two patches above, I don't know which one is better.

After submitting to Gerrit, you could add a separate comment explicitly saying that it's untested