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Recommendation api always returns 404 when seed article is not supplied
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Recommendation api always returns 404 when seed article is not supplied.


Expected result: List of articles that can be translated between given language pairs.

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@santhosh the issue is with the MediaWiki API. The mostviewed generator is not returning anything:

I created a subtask.

@santhosh The mostviewed API started working again. Recommendations also are working for the language wikis where the mostviewed API is working. For example, I see some results on for Russian:

But not French in your link.

Thanks. What is remaininng to fix for getting fr and other missing languages?

I see that the api is now returning results. Closing this. But I understand that the section suggestions in CX need to be aware that the suggestions are not 100% guaranteed for a given language pairs due to the issues we observed and chances that it can repeat in future.

santhosh claimed this task.

Change 609058 had a related patch set uploaded (by KartikMistry; owner: KartikMistry):
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Update cxserver to 2020-07-01-044435-production /609058

Change 609058 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Update cxserver to 2020-07-01-044435-production

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-07-06T05:45:18Z] <kart_> Updated cxserver to 2020-07-01-044435-production (T254143)