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mostviewed generator not returning any results
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Pchelolo subscribed.

I guess Analytics team is maintaining page views APIs, retagging.

Milimetric subscribed.

Looks like it's returning stuff to me, I see top pages with their pageviews for the past days, though I'm not super familiar with how this is queried from the action API. Just a blip or something else to do here? Also, if there was anything here, maybe the action API is forcing some dates that our pageviews API doesn't yet have data for. So maybe it was a beginning of the month type problem?

o/ @Milimetric Thanks for looking into it. It's working for me too.

Hmm, it's still not working on French Wikipedia:

This is what I get:

    "batchcomplete": ""
Milimetric moved this task from Incoming to Radar on the Analytics board.

My guess is they're both fine and caching is to blame, but I'm not sure how to dig through the cache behind the API. Opening and putting on Radar. We should find someone to ping about caching. So my stab-in-the-dark is:

  • first of the month happens, pageview API takes a little longer than usual to get latest top results
  • action API queries the pageview API and gets nothing, caches an empty result
  • cache persists for a while, resulting in what @bmansurov is reporting

Maaybe what we could do is tell the action API to forward the pageview API error (which is a 404 if there's no data)