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The added texts should be Language Selected before processing by the Abuse Filter while the Special:MassMessage was being utilised
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The current behaviour of sending the Tech News is processing the message by Language Select after the Abuse Filter. However by adding several keyword that will triggering the Abuse Filter, that would be incorrectly tagged for specific edit.

By changing the order of precedence for processing the texts that's made by Special:MassMessage will mitigate this symptom, by putting the Language Select before the Abuse Filter.

The actual text that's added in the diff.

The added_lines value being added onto the diff.

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@shinjiman Can you confirm that this has been fixed now?

@Nikerabbit just saw the Abuse Log and the editing diff the issue is still here.

The actual text that's added in the diff.

The added_lines value being added onto the diff. (As I've tried to do that onto the PasteBin however that will be trigger the filter there so I cannot do a paste there, also the filter was set to private so the specific log entry would not be visible unless a rights to be set in a Wiki. If necessary I can set up the temporary rights so the log entry can be check up for that.)

@shinjiman I believe that issue was still delivered using the "old method". How about the two newer issues?

@Nikerabbit the one just posted was exactly the same symptom in the description field. Have no idea whether the mass message sender can set the precedence or it is set by the backend for that one.

That's another one which was posted few days ago with the exact symptom which triggers the Abuse Filter as described above.

The actual added_lines value for the log entry was in
The filtered log entry was in
The actual diff produced was in

I think we have been cross-talking a bit. The issue is that some message deliveries are still using the "old" method. I believe Tech News is from now on using the new method, and probably others will migrate to it too.

I am sure the new delivery method will not cause things like this:

For the list of the contributions that's affected was tagged and listed in the list below.

For the Mass Message senders, please implement the Language Select before sending out the mass message, or the message may be not permitted to save there. This one will be implemented from the next month, which will be from 1 September 2021.

Nikerabbit claimed this task.

I'm closing this task, because the issue is resolved if MassMessage is used with a translatable page. If someone manually uses a switch statement, there is nothing we can do about it.